– How can I make an appointment with you?

Send me a text message or an Instagram DM, and let me know what you would like!

– Where are you located?

My studio is located in Carollwood.

– Do you travel?

Yes, I travel to onsite locations. The travel fee minimum is $ 30. If you tell me exactly where the location is, I can get you an estimate.

– What is the duration of the makeup application?

Calculate 1 hour and 30 min, I like to be on time and work quietly, plan your appointment in advance.

– What is the duration of the hair?

Calculate between 30 min and 40 min maximum. Primarily it depends on the amount and length of the hair.

– What kind of hairstyles do you do?

I do different types of waves and straight, I currently do not include hairstyles in my services.

– How long will the makeup last?

The makeup that I use and setting spray are of excellent waterproof quality with a duration of up to 16 hours. Although it is important that you take care of your lipstick.

Do I have to bring something the day of the appointment?

You do not have to bring anything just your clean face and without makeup, if you choose to do your Hair, come with your Hair clean and dry.




**Tips before applying makeup “B R I L L A”

– Remove your facial hair, correct your eyebrows in order to have a clean application

– Exfoliate your lips and hydrate them. This will make your lips look fuller and softer, although here the lip moisturizer includes, you will see a better result if you do it before.

– With respect to your face, do the same. Perform a delicate and soft exfoliation, clean it, and hydrate your face well.

– Use eye contour cream, this will help hydrate the area and soften the lines of expression.

– In case you have eyelash extensions and you do not want to put on the false eyelashes, come with your eyelashes clean (without makeup stains), that will help the end of the application look clean and glamorous.